Identity design and branding for HackerOne's live-hacking events. 

HackerOne holds live-hacking events all over the world for its echelon of top hackers. Each event showcases a unique identity that pays homage to the city that event is held in as well as the ingenuity of the white hat hackers involved. The identity for H1-65 (named via area code) took inspiration from Singapore's past (Peranakan art and colors), futuristic present (the massive "trees" in The Garden by the Bay) and myth (the Mer-Lion) to create the H1 MerLion logo. The MerLion is Singapore's chief mascot, a figure of defense and power that parallels the HackerOne community, who come together from all over the world to defend companies from bugs and malicious exploits.  

The identity for H1-604 (held in Vancouver, B.C.) capitalized on using the area's ubiquitous Grizzly Bear as its mascot; this event featured a hardware hack of the Oculus Rift VR headset, hence our bear's digital goggles. 

Client: HackerOne
Role: Art Director, Designer, Illustrator