Hi, I'm Brian Zeiders. Rhymes with Spiders.

Balancing the analytical and the intuitive, making what is abstract specific and compelling, visualizing the verbal and vice-versa. I try to do all of these things in an effort to create great user experiences.

For the past 3+ years I've worked at Andculture where we push the boundaries of design for Healthcare, Education, and Government and on the other side of the client spectrum, tech start-ups. For many years before that I toiled in the pixel mines specializing in art direction with a particular interest in branding, illustration and mobile apps. 

Occasionally I work with clients under my own freelance branding and design studio, VisualVerbal. I tweet about design, storytelling and politics. I instagram my travels and sketches. You can frenemy me on Facebook or just look at the goods on Dribbble